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Once Upon a Time...                was established in 2010 to inspire and foster a child’s love of learning. ALL children have grand gifts and great potential! That potential needs to be nurtured,
 inspired and advanced!
Loving2Learn is considered a pioneer and prominent leader in developing interactive, educational books, videos, and  games delivered at!
What is different aboutLoving2Learn?
Each developmental age and area is specifically designed so
ALL children will be successful. Every age, area, and
subject is highly interactive and includes all learning styles:
tactile, kinesthetic, auditory and visual. The focus or skills
areVERYspecific. A child can go over and over the
necessary areas or skills until they have mastered them.
Failure is never an option because the child moves at their
own pace, repeats the skills as many times as they need to (videos never get tired or frustrated).
This is accomplished with praise, guidance, excitement, and
Parents and children KNOW they have mastered the skills
presented as they do the "Check-Ups" together.
Children bask in their achievements and parents are elated
with their child’s excitement to learn and their
Give a gift that lasts a life time…Loving2Learn!!!


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