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Mrs. Grandt…
Mrs. Grandt is a respected, enthusiastic consultant and teacher whose passion is to foster EVERY child’s remarkable gifts and unlimited potential.
Mrs. Grandt has spent the past twenty plus years working on fine tuning her skills in the art of teaching. She has experience teaching in various levels of classrooms, Reading Recovery, Title I, Math Recovery, and as a teacher leader.  Mrs. Grandt also enjoys being a reading, writing, and math coach as well as a professional development consultant.
Besides developing the Loving2Learn web site, Mrs. Grandtleads workshops, teaches reading, writing, and math classes to teachers and administrators, works with school districts to evaluate and improve their reading, writing, and math programs, and is a frequent guest speaker on reading, writing, and math issues.
The Loving2Learn web site provides clarity, support and specific demonstration for children, parents, teachers, and administrators so they can support and nurture strategies in a manner that are consistent with the cutting-edge research that has proven results.
Mrs. Grandt's goal and dream is for EVERYchild to be life long, passionate learners!




Mrs. Grandt's Mission

Loving2Learn's mission is that every child will love to learn, discover, & explore!  My goal is for every child to reach their full potential!

Welcome to Loving2Learn!

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