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Science Activity

Print off how to make a "Telephone" and have fun learning about sound!


2 paper cups
one piece of thicker string cut 36” long

1)Put one hole in the bottom of each paper cup. 2)Put the string through one hole in the paper cup 
and tie off so it does not slip through. Do the same with the other cup.
3)Put a person at each end of the cups and pull 
the string tight.
4)One person talks into their cup as the other 
person listens. Have fun!

Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Sound moves through solid objects, the string, it becomes more pronounced. You hear the sound clearly because the string and cups transfer the sound directly to your ear.

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Super Science


Discovering how sound travels and  making your own telephone is fantastic early learning fun!

Making a "Cup Telephones"

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