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Science Activity

Print off the Science Activity "How 'FAT' Works" and get started!

How “FAT” Works

2 sandwich zip lock bags
clear ice cream pail
vegetable shortening


1)Fill the zip lock bag half way up, full of vegetable shortening.
2)Fill the ice cream pail with the water and ice.
3)Have your child put the other zip lock bag over their hand.
4)Put the zip lock bag that is over your child’s hand into the zip 
lock bag filled with vegetable shortening. Have your child coat the outside of their bagged hand really good so it is nice and thick.
5)Have your child put their hand that is not covered into the ice water for fifteen seconds.
6)Then have your child put their hand that has the “fat” cover into the ice water.
7)What happens?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know
The vegetable shortening acts like a layer of fat. They will find they can keep their hand that is covered with fat in the ice water for a longer period of time.

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How "FAT" Works
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