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Lily White Lily
Lily white lily, sat by a stone,
Drooping and waiting, till the sun shone;
Lily white lily, sunshine has fled,
Lily white lily, is lifting her head.

Lily white lily, said, "it is good,"
Lily white lily's clothing and food;
Lily white lily, dressed like a bride,
Shining with whiteness, and beauty beside.

Lily white lily, droopeth with pain,
Waiting and waiting, for the fresh rain;
Lily white lily, holdeth her cup,
Rain is fast falling and filling it up.

Lily white lily, said "good" again,
When I am thirsty to have nice rain;
Now I am stronger, now I am cool,
Heat cannot hurt me, my veins are so full.

Lily white lily, smells very sweet,
On her head sunshine, rain at her feet;
Thanks to the sunshine, thanks to the rain,
Lily white lily, is happy again.

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Lily White Lily
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