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     Chimpanzees are a group of animals that most closely resemble humans. They are also one of the smartest animals; they make and use tools more than any other animal.
     Chimpanzees live in Africa but live in a range of habitats. They live in rain forests as well as grasslands and they live in trees but also on the ground. They sleep in tree nest made of branches, leaves, and twigs.
     Chimpanzees like to eat fruits, leaves, seeds, stems, ants, bird eggs, fish, and termites. They communicate through grunts, barks, and screams. 
Chimpanzees live in groups of 20 to 40 family members. Their numbers are decreasing as their habitats are being destroyed.
     Their body is covered with long, black hair and they do not have a tail.



Learning about chimpanzees is fantastic early learning fun!

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