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Book List

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Physical Activity Books for Pre-Schoolers
Get up and Go! Nancy L. Carlson
From Head to Toe Eric Carle
Hamster Camp: How Harry Got Fit by Teresa Bateman
Berenstain Bears and Too Much TVStan Berenstain
Books on Sports and Physical Activity
*Pigs on the Ball Axelrod
*Play Ball Zachary! Blaustein
*Ice Palace Blumenthal
*In the Park Bundey
*Three at Sea Bush
*Field Day Butterworth
*Bunnies and their Sports Carlson
*Frozen Noses Carr
*The Climb Carrick
*Molly Pink goes Hiking Caseley
*Riding Silves Star Cole,
*Sparkey and Eddie, Wild, Wild Rodeo! Johnston
*Try Your Best McKissack
*The Low-Down Laundry Lines Blues Millen
*Here We Go! Miller
*Bend and Stretch Ormerod
*Penelope Gets Wheels Peterson
*Marathon and Steve Rayner
*Careful with that Ball, Eugene! Riddle
*Rodeo Pup Rotenberg
*Cowgirl Tinkelman
*If you were a …Ballplayer Sports! Sports! Sports! Schomp
Books on Nutrition
One Cool Watermelonby Hannah Tofts
Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomatoby Lauren
Why Should I Eat Well? (Why Should I? Books Series) Claire Llewellyn
Eat Healthy, Feel GreatWilliam Sears, Martha Sears, Martha Sears, Christie Watts Kelly, Christie Watts Kelly
Cool as a Cucumber Sally Smallwood
Sweet as a StrawberrySally Smallwood
Eating the AlphabetLois Ehlert
The Bernstain Bears and Too Much Junk FoodStan and Jan Berenstain,
Growing Vegetable SoupLois Ehlert
Maisy Goes ShoppingLucy Cousins



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