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Print off this game to play over and over!

Writing Words Check-Up

“I am going to write the date on your paper. I want to see how many words you can write.”
Your child can write up to 10 minutes and you are going to help them to write as many words as they can. Once they have written all the words they can, circle all the words they have written correctly and mark at the top of the page how many words they wrote. 
Give this Check-Up as they are learning to write words and your child’s score will improve over time! Keep on writing!
Helping Prompts:
Can you write your name?
Now think of all the words you know how to write and write them all down.
Do you know how to write I or a?
is, to, me, we, he, at, cat, on, in, win, go, going, an, can, man, it, sit, love, mom, dad, no, yes, dog, log, all, ball, he, me, she, day, play, car, for, like, bike, see, tree, up, cup, book, look, etc..
Sight Words
Word Family Words
Colors (red, blue, yellow, etc…)
Numbers (one, two, three, etc…)
Days of the Week
Family or Friends Names
Animals (pig, dog, cat, etc…)


Writing Words Check-Up

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