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Print off this game.  Write the sentence, put each word in the sentence on an index card, put the sentence together, and keep the sentence in an envelope to do over and over!

copies of sentences               envelopes
marker                                              scissors
box                                                   tape
Directions for Making Sentence Puzzle:
1. Copy off the sentences.
2. Write the sentence on the front of an envelope with a marker or copy off the sentences twice and tape one sentence onto the front of the envelope.
3. Cut the sentence up. The sentence can be cut up by words.
4. Put the words into the envelope. Put the envelopes into a box.
Directions for Playing Sentence Puzzles:
1. The player reads the front of the envelope and then turns the envelope upside down so they CAN NOT see the sentence. The player then puts the words together to make the sentence.
2. Once the person is done they turn the envelope over to see if they put the sentence together correctly.
3. The player tries to put as many sentences together as they can!





Sentence Puzzle 3

Putting sentences together is great reading and learning fun!



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