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Print off the "Blending Sounds Check-Up" and find out if you have mastered the blending sounds skill!  Keep up the phenomenal work!

Parent says, “I am going to say parts of a word. Your job is to listen and put the word parts together and say the word.

For example:

“If I say suit (pause) case you would say ‘suitcase.’ Let’s try it.”

bed (pause)room   cl (pause) ock

Circle the ones your child gets correct.

  1. birth day
  2. air plane
  3. pen cil
  4. dol lar
  5. mo ther
  6. pa per
  7. for get
  8. fun
  9. s ing
  10. sh irt
  11. m  uch 
  12. g  ood 
  13. t  op
  14. b  ug
  15. f  i  sh 
  16. s  oa  p
  17. f  ee  t
  18. m  i  ss
  19. c  a  t
  20. sh  i  p 






Blending Sounds Check-Up

See if you have mastered the early learning skill of blending sounds!

How to Give the "Blending Sounds Check-Up"

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