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Can you follow the directions?
Read through all the numbered steps below before you begin. Read the directions carefully and do exactly as they say.
1.        Put your hands up in the air.
2.       Take on hand down and touch your nose.
3.       Sick out your tongue.
4.       Stand on one foot.
5.       Wink three times.
6.       Whisper, “I am good at this.”
7.       Click your tongue three times.
8.       Turn in a circle.
9.       Put your hands down.
10.   Do not do steps 1-9.  You read all of the directions first before you began!



Why do we have rules in the classroom?

Sing along with the follow the rules song!


Following Directions

Following directions is easy to do!


Why do we have to follow the rules?


Why do you have to follow the directions in a classroom or at school? Well, what would it be like if you didn’t?
*What would a classroom sound like if everyone shouted out?
*What if everyone left the room whenever they wanted to? Would you get anything done?
*What if everyone came to school whenever they wanted to?
*What if the teachers came and went whenever they wanted to?
*What would happen if the buses did not have a schedule?
*What if everyone left their belongings all over the classroom?
*What would happen if everyone ran in the hallway?
*What would happen if people did not check out the books in the library?

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