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Thinking Skills

Knowledge *observation and recall of information
*knowledge of major ideas
*knowledge of dates, events, places
*mastery of subject matter

list, define, tell,describe, identify, show, label, collect, examine, tabulate, name, who, what, when where

Comprehension *understand information
*grasp meaning
*interpret facts, compare, contrast
*predict consequences
summarize, describe, interpret, predict, contrast, associate, distinguish, estimate, differentiate, discuss, extend

*use information
*use methods, concepts, theories in new situations
*solve problems using required skills

apply, demonstrate, calculate, complete, illustrate, show, solve, examine, modify, relate, classify, experiment, discover
Analysis *seeing patterns
*organizing of parts
*recognition of hidden parts
analyze, separate, order, explain, connect, classify, arrange, divide, compare, infer, select, explain
Synthesis *use old ideas to create new ones 
*generalize from given facts
*relate knowledge from several facts
*predict, draw conclusions

combine, integrate, modify, rearrange, substitute, plan, create, design, invent, compose, formulate, prepare, generalize, rewrite


*compare and discriminate between ideas
*assess value of ideas
*make choice
*verify value of evidence

assess, decide, rank, grade, test, measure, recommend, convince, select, judge, explain, discriminate, support, conclude, compare, summarize 







Thinking Skills Chart

Thinking skills are important learning fun!



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