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Facts Sheet
Print off this "Types of Christmas Trees" facts sheet and help pick out a great Christmas tree!
Types of Christmas Trees
       Evergreen conifers are the trees traditionally associated with Christmas and there are many verities available to choose from.
Norwegian Spruces: They have an attractive bushy shape but the needles are prickly and sparse and tend to shed earlier than other varieties. Purchase this tree as near to Christmas as possible and keep it well watered.
Noble Fir: This tree has a lovely deep-green color and a full, bushy shape. There’s plenty of space between the branches and the needles are not too prickly, making it easy to decorate.
Nordman Fir: This tree is a very popular choice due to the fact that its needles don’t shed easily and its branches are sturdy enough to hold many ornaments. This tree grows slow so it is more expensive.
Blue Spruce: Has beautiful silver-blue foliage and is one of the most aromatic trees. This tree retains its needles quite well but the needles are sharp, so be carefully when decorating.
Scotch Pine: This tree has a great, full shape. Its long, prickly needles can make it tricky to decorate but it keeps its needles extremely well. Its branches are not very sturdy so don’t overload this tree.
Balsam Fir: The needles are short, flat and blunt at the end. Balsam needles are a deep green on top and silver underneath. The foliage is thick but airy. The branches are flexible and can’t always hold the really heavy ornaments.
Douglas Fir: The Douglas Fir has a sweet smell. The soft needles are a shiny blue-green color which is lighter than most other evergreen trees. The needles of the Douglas Fir shoot out off the branches in all directions. This gives the tree a full, symmetrical look. 
Fraser Fir: The Fraser Fir is one of the most popular types of Christmas trees because of its fragrant odor, excellent shape, and ability to retain needles. The needles are soft, with a rich green color on top and silver underneath. The branches are strong with space between them.
Virginia Pine: The Virginia Pine has strong branches, a mild pine scent, and needles which grow in bundles. The needles will stay on the branches for a long time after the tree has been cut if it is well watered.
(Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree was most likely a Virginia Pine.)
White Fir: It produces small, soft needles which grow in rows and are bluish-green in color. The tree holds onto its needles and can last two weeks or more when properly watered. The branches are thin, so it works better with lightweight ornaments. The White Fir has a citrus-like scent.


Types of Christmas Trees

Learning about Christmas trees is fantastic fun!


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