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December Calendar and Christmas Activities

December activities are great fun to keep on a calendar!


Christmas Activities

Choose an activity and write it on your calendar.  Enjoy the holiday season! 


*Decorate Gingerbread Men

*Make a Salt Dough Ornament

*Trim the Tree

*Go Store Window Shopping

*Watch a Christmas Movie with a Special Treat

*Drive Around and Look at Christmas Lights

*Make a Hot Chocolate Bar and Read Christmas Books

*Make Paper Snowflakes and Decorate Your House

*Make a Snow Globe

*Make Candy Cane Play Dough

*Visit Santa

*Go Caroling

*Make Pinecones for the Birds (Peanut Butter and Bird Seed)

*Read Christmas Books by Flashlight with Apple Cider

*Go Sledding

*Go Ice Skating

*Make Gingerbread Pancakes for Dinner

*Make Pizza and Enjoy it by the Christmas Tree

*Make Christmas Cards

*Do Acts of Kindness and Don’t Tell Anyone

*Make a Special Ornament to put on Your Christmas Tree

*Write a Letter to Santa

*Invite a Friend over for a Christmas Movie and Popcorn

*Choose and Activity you Want to Do

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