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Print off the Writing Game "Rolling and Writing Stories" and get started!

Rolling and Writing Stories
1. Choose a title to write a story about. 
My Park Adventure
The Monster in My Closet
How I Learned to Jump Rope
Hunting for My Lost Mitten
The Zoo Mystery
My Loose Tooth
2.Before you start writing talk about ideas
that might be included in the story. You
and your child will take turns writing. The
first person shakes a dice and then writes
that many words. Then the second person
shakes the dice and writes that many
3. Keep rolling and writing until your story
is complete!
After Writing Ideas:
  • Read your story out loud and enjoy it!
  • Illustrate your story.
  • Make a book using your story.
  • Act out your story or put a play on using your story.
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Rolling and Writing Stories

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