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Print off the Writing Game "Creative Lists" and get started!

Creative Lists
1.  Come up with a creative “subject” list. 
2. Each person has a piece of paper and
pencil. They both write what would be on
their list. Make the lists as original as
3.Once the lists are done, each person
reads their list. 
4.Come up with a “final” list. You can take
ideas from the first lists or even add
details to the final list.
Ideas for Creative Lists:
  • Ways to Make Yourself Invisible
  • 5 Things You Can Do with a Shoe
  • 5 New Flavors of Bubble Gum
  • Gifts You Would Give to a Wizard
  • 5 Ways to Catch a Ghost
  • Ways to Tame a Fire Eating Dragon
*Once you have the final list you could illustrate it.
*Keep your “creative” lists and make a book.
*You can use these lists to write a story.
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